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We offer two-sided thickness planing of lumber utilizing double carbide helical heads to maximize performance. The double heads work together to act as a type of jointer to allow for perfectly flat top and bottom surfaces. Our planers can take board widths up to 25" wide. Although the majority of our lumber is staged for sale in our warehouse after skip planing (meaning a 1/32" has been removed from each surface so customers and staff can identify color and defects more readily), pieces that need additional work can be done so immediately.

We use a two-head widebelt sander that grits down lumber on a single pass. Our system holds lumber perfectly flat and uses a roughing and polishing head for a superior finish on each pass. We can generally finish sand boards, glueups, and other custom pieces up to 6" x 37". Customers frequently prefer to glue cabinet doors, table tops, and custom pieces in their own home shops and bring them back to ours for finishing touches.

Public Lumber Company currently uses Weinig brand molders for all our in house molding manufacturing. We have the capability to run board stock and moldings up to 9" wide, in 40 different wood species while picking form over 900 different profiles. All profiles in our inventory are templated, roughed, and finish honed and sharpened in our shop using only M-3 rated high speed steel and carbide tooling. In other words, we outsource very little and therefore have complete control over quality and accuracy in our production.

All lumber can be straight lined and ripped to any width using our laser accurate straight lining rip saw. Customers who find that the lumber they select from our racks would be more easily managed with a nice straight edge can choose this service at any time and have it milled under their supervision while they wait.

We routinely perform expert cuts, dados, rabbets, and routing in our shop. Customers enjoy quick turnaround times on part duplications, fluting, drawer repair, door shaping, and historical duplication among many services. It is an extremely rare case that we cannot at least offer some assistance or referral. There is a reason other lumber yards are one of our best referrals since they know our reputation. It never hurts to ask.

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