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3/4"x1-1/2" Applied Chair Rail

Poplar is generally used for paint grade or dark stain applications. Chair Rails are practical as well as decorative. Applied to a wall, from 24 to 48 inches up from the floor, they protect the wall from scuffs and dents from the backs of chairs as well as adding a beautiful accent to any room. More details...
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3/4"x1-1/2" Applied Chair Rail
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3/4"x1-1/2" Applied Chair Rail

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Product Details
3/4"x1-1/2" Applied Chair Rail, priced and sold by the specified length. Lengths longer than 8' cannot ship via UPS. Even though you can choose a preferred length, we may round up to the next foot due to lumber restrictions from cutbacks, knots, and lumber availability. We LOVE to ship samples because we know how hard it can be to only look at pictures. Look under Poplar for this option.

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